Home Decor

Redegum burl fruit bowl hand carved 35cm dia x 13cm depth

Red malle burl handcarved 34cm dia x 6cm depth

Red Gum Burl bowl

Approx. 25cm in diameter

Red Malee Burl bowl

Approx 23cm in diameter

Pot Pourri Bowl 

Jelutong and Redgum trinket box 11cm dia x 12cm in height 

A unique pair of New Zealand pine and redgum goblets which stand around 120 cm tall

Red Gum candlestick holder with a weathered edge base.

Stands approx 28cm high

Vic Ash Platter with Merbau Splines. 32cm in diameter.

Vic Ash platter with freehand carving detail and blue stain finish

Approx. 28cm in diameter.

Blackwood Bowl

approx. 35cm diameter

Natural Edged Red Gum Bowl

Approx 27cm in diameter

Redgum Burl Fruit Bowl - 30cm dia x 12cm deep

English Elm Bowl

approx. 27cm in diameter

River Red Gum Bowl

approx 32cm in Diameter

Suitable for use as a fruitbowl.

Shallow blackwood bowl with coloured fish tank rocks inlayed in clear resin 

approx. 27cm in diameter

Natural edge Gleditsia Bowl

Approx. 18cm diameter

Jelutong bowl with 2 burnt friction lines on the rim 32cm dia x8cm depth

Blackwood Bowl with freehand carving on rim.

Approx 12cm in diameter

Camphour Laurel bowl dyed with green dye 28cm dia x 12cm 

Sassafras cup

approx 10cm high x 7cm in diameter

Messmate candlestick holder with weathered edge base

Approx. 26cm in height

Red Gum and Messmate platter

approx. 36cm in diameter

Black Locust Bowl

approx. 16cm in diameter

Sassafras Bowl

Approx. 17cm in diameter

Huon Pine Weathered Bowl

Approx. 18cm in diameter

Gleditsia Carved Bowl

Approx 35cm long

Shallow Eucalypt Tray

approx 20cm in length

Shallow Eucalypt Platter

Approx 16cm in length

American Oak Bowl with Airbrushed purple rim

Approx. 24cm in diameter

Tassie Oak bowl with stained rim

Approx. 18cm diameter

Candle Centrepiece