Live edge Gleditsia bowl .Gleditsia is also refered to the Honey Locust tree from North America.

Approx. 18cm in diameter

Vic Ash Platter with Merbau Splines. 32cm in diameter.

River Red Gum Bowl

approx 32cm in Diameter

Suitable for use as a fruitbowl.

Vic Ash platter with freehand carving detail and blue stain finish

Approx. 28cm in diameter.

Camphour Laurel Bowl

approx. 18cm in diameter.

Shallow blackwood bowl with coloured fish tank rocks inlayed in clear resin 

approx. 27cm in diameter

Reclaimed redgum garden sleeper with weathered rim.

Approx. 13cm diameter

A unique pair of New Zealand pine and redgum goblets which stand around 120 cm tall

Jelutong and Redgum trinket box 11cm dia x 12cm in height 

Jelutong bowl with 2 burnt friction lines on the rim 32cm dia x8cm depth

Camphour Laurel bowl dyed with green dye 28cm dia x 12cm 

Blackwood Fruit Bowl